A New World of Possibilities With Metaverse Jobs

Gone are the days when tech jobs were boring and there was a risk of career growth becoming stagnant due to a lack of options. Despite the pandemic and companies letting go of employees, there is a new player in the recruitment market that is offering jobs to people from various geographical locations with flexible working hours and many more perks.

With the launch of Metaverse, an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Virtual Reality, there is a new world filled with possibilities in the tech sector. The job possibilities related to the Metaverse in the non-tech sector are also many, especially for hardworking candidates with a futuristic vision.

While most people in the world believe that the Metaverse is restricted to the gaming sector, in reality, this VR is to do with a lot more! For instance, the principle of the Metaverse is based on that of a Metaverse that offers not only economic but also social utility. This platform can be applied to building a community, helping with the economy and also giving established businesses a new platform to find new clientele.

To do all of this and make the Metaverse a smashing success, employers who work with this technology are actively seeking to hire various professionals of different specializations. Continue reading to know the various possibilities that metaverse jobs can bring to your professional life.

Things To Expect When You Join Metaverse Jobs Roles

The Metaverse is a highly immersive experience and every project in this VR starts and ends as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that needs skilled professionals on the task. Every metaverse job profile would require you to learn while on the job with coaching, lessons and training. Depending on the job duties, and your eagerness to learn, you may be asked to complete additional specializations as well as learn on your own time.

Challenges may appear for those who are unfamiliar with the depth of Metaverse and metaverse rules. These challenges can be solved with research, guidance and training programs. That being said, working in a live environment may seem a bit different than working on test models. Making sure that you practice enough before playing around with a live environment is a good approach.

Job profiles offered in the Metaverse would need the candidates to hone skills that show an expertise in Cryptocurrency, blockchain systems, development, planning, execution, cyber security, augmented reality, virtual reality, and game development. This blog can help you know more about the top 5 Metaverse Jobs to expect.


Things Expected From You As A Metaverse Employee 

Metaverse jobs require you to hone certain skills, for instance, front end, full stack and back end roles require you to excel at Java, React and all related computer languages. Knowing about cyber security in gaming systems and VR as well as AR may not be mandatory for your job role. Yet knowing about it, learning when to report attacks, block further attacks and log all such attacks, can give you a nudge in the right direction, especially if you are looking for quick and enhanced career growth.

Based on trends noticed so far, the metaverse job sector may various certain industries such as gaming, real estate and shopping. Gamers that can excel at creating and selling their own.NFT online may have an edge over others. AI developers who have relevant fashion experience are likely to get Metaverse jobs with ease. Real estate experts may also be in high demand, due to both the Sandbox and Decentralized land being fully equipped to sell plots of land for as high as millions of dollars.

Irrespective of which role you join you would also need extensive knowledge in decentralized ecosystems. Before applying for the job, enrolling in tech bootcamps as well as professional learning courses are a smart move.

Depending on the company you join and the job profile you may need 5+ years of verifiable experience working in consumer technology especially related to both Virtual and Augmented reality. You may also need vast experience in large-scale systems design development and also be a bona fide expert in Google Cloud. You may also need 5+ years of practical experience with load balancing systems and finding solutions for common issues that occur with global routing systems. Some companies may also need 5 – 10 years of hands-on experience in technology environments. You may also be needed to have relevant experience with augmented reality and real-time visualizations in the gaming sector.

Since the Metaverse is still at the starting stages, employers looking to hire need go-getters and highly motivated employees who are looking to grow with the job and build a community. Dedication, being a team player and the ability to multitask while being versatile are needed skills. Focus, concentration skills, ability to stay sharp and work under pressure are must-have skills as well. The initiative to learn, coach others and do the needed leg work without being specifically asked to are voluntarily skills but good to possess skillsets.

Irrespective of your job profile, topics to read up on regularly include new trends in each of the top 3 sectors; gaming, real estate and shopping. Following tech blogs with new information and trends will also work in your favour.  

As the metaverse is supposed to always be open 24/7 and for everyone on the globe who has access to this immersive world, at first you can expect to work around the clock although as per your designated shift timings. Startups offering metaverse jobs may require additional login hours either with or without the concept of paying overtime. The work you put in will pay off in the future as the metaverse is here to stay and for the long haul.


Salary Brackets and Perks Offered For Metaverse Jobs 

The metaverse may be a new concept for those not in the tech and gaming sector, however, this parallel and virtual reality has been a work in progress for a while. Companies that offer these jobs are not always startups and small firms. Giant companies such as Facebook and Snap among others offer these jobs offer right from $75,000 to $125,000 a year.

As per the trends of the last few months, the salary brackets for jobs offered at companies like SNAP for Product Managers in Augmented Reality businesses can be as low as $99,000 and as high as $125,000 a year. Perks include health insurance, paid family leave, life insurance and health memberships in gyms as well as a lot more.

Companies such as Open Sea that are looking for Infrastructure Engineers are offering between $150,000 - $200,000 a year and offer flexible vacation policies, work from home options, travel retreats, company vacations and once a month gaming events hosted by the employer.

Established companies such as Adobe are actively seeking Senior Product Managers and are offering a yearly compensation between $113,000 - $213,000. Additional perks include health benefits, higher education benefits and enhanced retirement nest egg benefits.

Roblox and similar companies that have been the pioneers of the Metaverse are hiring for positions such as Senior Gameplay Engineers. The salary bracket offered to selected candidates can range from $163,000 - $241,000 a year. Complimentary perks of the job include catered lunches, a flexible vacation policy and health benefits such as medical coverage.


Applying for Metaverse Jobs Redefined

In today’s day and age, everything we do is online and processed through the World Wide Web. There are two ways to apply for metaverse jobs. You can manually hunt down jobs in the chosen sector, industry and for the preferred job profile. This can be done with an extensive Google search. After this, you can visit the company websites and fill in your application directly through the website.

The second and smarter way to apply for Metaverse jobs is to find a website that specializes in blockchain and metaverse recruitment, sign up with a profile and apply through this platform. The benefits of choosing this option are regular yet optional updates and push notifications you will receive whenever a new job is posted. Many such sites also have relevant blog posts that are enriching and informative content.

One of the upcoming yet most informative websites is Blockchain Jobs wherein you can apply for jobs and even post listings for your company. The Blockchain Jobs Blog gives you information about jobs in the metaverse, Blockchains recruitment and Cryptocurrency sectors as well. To connect job hunters with companies, new jobs are posted often and regularly on this website and this is updated on a real-time basis. Visit the Blockchain Jobs website today to embark on your career path of Metaverse jobs.

Will There Be Jobs in The Metaverse? Top 5 Metaverse Jobs The World Must Prepare For

Welcome to the Metaverse – A Virtual Reality like none you have ever seen before

The rules of the Metaverse dictate that this is open to all and controlled by none, a Virtual Reality world that can be accessed only through compatible VR goggles. However, this immersive world also has another unspoken rule, which is the promise to provide immense job opportunities to talented artists not only in the VR sector. There are many jobs available to artists who can confidently hone their Metaverse job skills. Listed below are just a few of the many possibilities that the world should be ready for from 2022 to 2030. 

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Can the Metaverse be lucrative for Job Seekers? 

Contrary to the belief that the Metaverse will be taking away jobs, in reality since the Metaverse is a relatively new yet advanced technology, it is a literal gold mine for job seekers. While Augmented Reality Artists and Virtual Reality artists with exceptional skills will be given the lion’s share of jobs, many other possible jobs will soon be available. 

Blockchain Developer and Engineer

A blockchain engineer researches the quality of the material used for a project and designs applications using blockchain technology. He may also test and troubleshoot the given blockchain project as per the enterprise’s needs. All the tasks of blockchain developers and engineers until now have been focused only on data service companies and technology consulting solutions. 

However, in the Metaverse, blockchain developers and engineers are required to focus on providing blocking solutions that apply mainly to the metaverse. This can include cryptocurrency, digital transactions, gaming transactions and a lot more such related topics. 

Metaverse Developer and Planner 

Any metaverse business can function properly with the help of a developer and planner who can plan the growth structure and architecture for this virtual reality.

Possible job responsibilities may include building a portfolio of opportunities using a mix of strategies, from the basic proof of concept, until the completion of the project. This would include roadmaps, case studies, and potential markets to tap into among other tasks. 

Ecosystem Engineer

An ecosystem engineer or a developer is a must for the metaverse. Possible job duties would include coordinating between various partners and organizations, including the government to ensure that all current functionalities do not stop at a small level. His job will be to maximize the level of the project while ensuring that all functionalities stay intact at all times. 

Metaverse Cyber Security Specialist

Technology especially as advanced as the Metaverse will be prone to be attacked by cyber threats regularly. The job duties of a cyber security specialist in the Metaverse would include blocking any threats on an immediate and real-time basis. 

The cyber security specialist will also have to do this while ensuring that the laws in the metaverse are amended, and reconsidered based on past attacks. This would include amending protocols based on past attacks and also preventing any future attacks through timely detection based on past knowledge of attacks. 

Metaverse Safety Manager

The primary duties of a safety manager of the Metaverse would be to examine all functionalities and find out the best way to utilize them and possible ways they could be wrongly utilized if they fell into the wrong hands. The safety officer will also be in charge of identifying critical components for safety and producing solutions for all findings. 

Metaverse Data Scientist 

The metaverse is all about data of various kinds, starting from basic information, to gaming purchases, from trends of the past few years to predicted trends for the next 20 years. The metaverse will offer top-paying jobs with lucrative incentives to efficient and talented data scientists. Many people have already applied and successfully secured such job titles in 2022. 

Metaverse Cloud Expert 

Until the world experienced the current pandemic, cloud technology although used before, had never been used to such a great extent. Like all other businesses that depend largely on cloud technology, Metaverse will need cloud experts who can ensure the safety of every bite of data online. They will also have to make sure that only the designated authorized personnel can access this data and that all potential threats are dealt with quickly, without the slightest delay. 

NFT Strategist 

The primary job responsibilities for an NFT strategist working in Metaverse would be to have in-depth knowledge about concepts such as blockchain. The NFT strategist would also have to have immense information about Metaverse Job Domains. It will be this specialist’s duty to provide viable insights and possible opportunities. He will also have to create viable plans from scratch for NFT concepts, strategic implementations and most importantly gamification. 

The Verdict is in – Metaverse Jobs Can Help Job Seekers Worldwide

According to various studies, the Metaverse, also known as the new and improved Virtual Reality world, has grown tremendously in the last few years and at exceptional rates. This growth is not expected to slow down or become stagnant any time soon. If anything, this growth is only expected to increase in the next 10 years. 

It is believed that as of now, over 75% of people have engaged in one or another form of financial transactions in the metaverse. While this might be something as simple as shopping digitally at a marketplace or as direct as making direct transactions in the gaming landscape. 

We believe that the Metaverse is here to stay and so are job opportunities in crypto for job seekers from around the world.

The only criteria to apply for these jobs are for applicants to be the best in their field and be willing to go the extra mile. Those who do stick around are sure to grow along with the Metaverse and find unparalleled opportunities in this exciting new world where everything is possible with imagination and technology. 

Are You a Believer of the Metaverse?

Do you believe in the immense opportunities offered by the Metaverse? Drop in your thoughts in the comment box below! We would love to hear your take on which additional jobs may be available in the Metaverse from the years 2022 to 2033.