Will There Be Jobs in The Metaverse? Top 5 Metaverse Jobs The World Must Prepare For

Chris Wyatt -

Welcome to the Metaverse – A Virtual Reality like none you have ever seen before

The rules of the Metaverse dictate that this is open to all and controlled by none, a Virtual Reality world that can be accessed only through compatible VR goggles. However, this immersive world also has another unspoken rule, which is the promise to provide immense job opportunities to talented artists not only in the VR sector. There are many jobs available to artists who can confidently hone their Metaverse job skills. Listed below are just a few of the many possibilities that the world should be ready for from 2022 to 2030. 

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Can the Metaverse be lucrative for Job Seekers? 

Contrary to the belief that the Metaverse will be taking away jobs, in reality since the Metaverse is a relatively new yet advanced technology, it is a literal gold mine for job seekers. While Augmented Reality Artists and Virtual Reality artists with exceptional skills will be given the lion’s share of jobs, many other possible jobs will soon be available. 

Blockchain Developer and Engineer

A blockchain engineer researches the quality of the material used for a project and designs applications using blockchain technology. He may also test and troubleshoot the given blockchain project as per the enterprise’s needs. All the tasks of blockchain developers and engineers until now have been focused only on data service companies and technology consulting solutions. 

However, in the Metaverse, blockchain developers and engineers are required to focus on providing blocking solutions that apply mainly to the metaverse. This can include cryptocurrency, digital transactions, gaming transactions and a lot more such related topics. 

Metaverse Developer and Planner 

Any metaverse business can function properly with the help of a developer and planner who can plan the growth structure and architecture for this virtual reality.

Possible job responsibilities may include building a portfolio of opportunities using a mix of strategies, from the basic proof of concept, until the completion of the project. This would include roadmaps, case studies, and potential markets to tap into among other tasks. 

Ecosystem Engineer

An ecosystem engineer or a developer is a must for the metaverse. Possible job duties would include coordinating between various partners and organizations, including the government to ensure that all current functionalities do not stop at a small level. His job will be to maximize the level of the project while ensuring that all functionalities stay intact at all times. 

Metaverse Cyber Security Specialist

Technology especially as advanced as the Metaverse will be prone to be attacked by cyber threats regularly. The job duties of a cyber security specialist in the Metaverse would include blocking any threats on an immediate and real-time basis. 

The cyber security specialist will also have to do this while ensuring that the laws in the metaverse are amended, and reconsidered based on past attacks. This would include amending protocols based on past attacks and also preventing any future attacks through timely detection based on past knowledge of attacks. 

Metaverse Safety Manager

The primary duties of a safety manager of the Metaverse would be to examine all functionalities and find out the best way to utilize them and possible ways they could be wrongly utilized if they fell into the wrong hands. The safety officer will also be in charge of identifying critical components for safety and producing solutions for all findings. 

Metaverse Data Scientist 

The metaverse is all about data of various kinds, starting from basic information, to gaming purchases, from trends of the past few years to predicted trends for the next 20 years. The metaverse will offer top-paying jobs with lucrative incentives to efficient and talented data scientists. Many people have already applied and successfully secured such job titles in 2022. 

Metaverse Cloud Expert 

Until the world experienced the current pandemic, cloud technology although used before, had never been used to such a great extent. Like all other businesses that depend largely on cloud technology, Metaverse will need cloud experts who can ensure the safety of every bite of data online. They will also have to make sure that only the designated authorized personnel can access this data and that all potential threats are dealt with quickly, without the slightest delay. 

NFT Strategist 

The primary job responsibilities for an NFT strategist working in Metaverse would be to have in-depth knowledge about concepts such as blockchain. The NFT strategist would also have to have immense information about Metaverse Job Domains. It will be this specialist’s duty to provide viable insights and possible opportunities. He will also have to create viable plans from scratch for NFT concepts, strategic implementations and most importantly gamification. 

The Verdict is in – Metaverse Jobs Can Help Job Seekers Worldwide

According to various studies, the Metaverse, also known as the new and improved Virtual Reality world, has grown tremendously in the last few years and at exceptional rates. This growth is not expected to slow down or become stagnant any time soon. If anything, this growth is only expected to increase in the next 10 years. 

It is believed that as of now, over 75% of people have engaged in one or another form of financial transactions in the metaverse. While this might be something as simple as shopping digitally at a marketplace or as direct as making direct transactions in the gaming landscape. 

We believe that the Metaverse is here to stay and so are job opportunities in crypto for job seekers from around the world.

The only criteria to apply for these jobs are for applicants to be the best in their field and be willing to go the extra mile. Those who do stick around are sure to grow along with the Metaverse and find unparalleled opportunities in this exciting new world where everything is possible with imagination and technology. 

Are You a Believer of the Metaverse?

Do you believe in the immense opportunities offered by the Metaverse? Drop in your thoughts in the comment box below! We would love to hear your take on which additional jobs may be available in the Metaverse from the years 2022 to 2033.