8 Non-Tech Cryptocurrency Jobs You Should Know About

Chris Wyatt -

As the demand for cryptocurrency increases, so does the number of crypto jobs so there will be 1000s of new jobs being created each year. Here are some non-technical cryptocurrency jobs you could consider if you are non-techy.

The mooning of cryptocurrency in recent years has led to a steep rise in job searches in Google and other search engines postings in the blockchain sector. There are thousands of jobs to choose from with varied opportunities. These jobs provide remote work opportunities with huge potential for working growth opportunities.

The good news is that not all of these jobs are technical. You don’t need to be a great coder or have an in-depth expert knowledge of crypto. You can work in the crypto industry with skills or experience in marketing, communications, sales, customer services, creative arts, and more. Here are 8 non-technical cryptocurrency-related jobs and what would be expected of you if you took this role:

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1. Cryptocurrency Social Media Experts

Social media enthusiasts who understand branding, marketing, and advertising of products across various established and emerging social media platforms can try their hand at these jobs. Look for jobs titled Twitter Expert, Social Media Manager, etc.

Work entails marketing particular cryptocurrencies and their applications. Driving user engagement, coin adoption, and providing up-to-date information in creative ways at regular intervals are a few day-to-day tasks you’ll be responsible for. Skills and experience in copywriting, understanding technical concepts, and digital marketing will be a plus if you want to apply to these job profiles.


2. Cryptocurrency Content Writer Jobs

If you have decent writing skills, understand technical jargon, and are good at demystifying complex technical concepts, look out for content writing jobs in the crypto sphere. Technical publishing requirements in the crypt are an excellent opportunity for those who have experience or want to build a career in technical content writing.

Writing opportunities could vary from simple freelance crypto blogger profiles to technical and white paper writing assignments. Blockchain Copywriter, Crypto Story Developer, and Cryptocurrency Content Editor are a few keywords you can look up to join the crypto industry as a writer.

3. Cryptocurrency Customer Support/Service Jobs

Coin trading platforms, blockchain-based apps, gaming websites, and media that deal in NFTs all have a customer base in the millions, as do online retailers that accept payment in cryptocurrency. Consequently, most of these places have customer service-related job profiles to troubleshoot problems and help clients and users with their account troubles, transaction glitches, queries, etc. If you have experience in these customer service profiles, you’ll be able to make a job switch to a crypto-related company.

Crypto firms provide the necessary technical training to understand the ecosystem and coin-based transactions to all candidates. Freshers can also apply to customer support profiles in the crypto sector and expect a decent positive response rate. Append the words crypto or blockchain to regular job titles to search for these jobs. For e.g., Blockchain Customer Support Specialist, Crypto Customer Success Manager, etc.

4. Cryptocurrency Video Production and Editing

If you have experience producing videos, splicing together engaging media and graphics, and editing professional-looking media content, you can switch to a job in the blockchain video production sector. Even if your technical skills aren’t much to speak about, you can work in the media and digital marketing departments and produce videos in collaboration with crypto content experts.

Look for profiles advertising titles like Cryptocurrency Video Producer, Cryptocurrency Video Journalist, Blockchain Graphics and Motion Designer, etc.

5. Banking and Financial Sector Crypto Jobs

The banking sector is a major employer in the crypto field. Education and experience in the banking and finance sector are major plus points if you want to join the blockchain finance universe. Most job profiles in this sector are similar to those dealing with fiat currency like Blockchain Auditor, Cryptocurrency Financial Analyst, Crypto Finance Data Scientist, and so on.

You can try your hand at these jobs even if you don’t have a relevant degree in finance. You need to demonstrate excellence in understanding the ins and outs of the blockchain industry, turning handsome profits, providing sound investment advice, and sharing your expert analysis on various coins, coin trading platforms, bull runs, crypto apps, and more.

6. Cryptocurrency Legal Counsel Jobs

Lawyers looking to move to the crypto sector should look up job profiles such as Corporate Legal Counsel, Crypto Litigation Specialist, Regulatory Counsel, etc. A law degree is a must if you want to grab one of these profiles, as it is a thorough understanding of Web 3.0, NFTs, blockchain investments, crypto finance, and related subjects.

7. Blockchain Developer

Developer Evangelists are in charge of driving the adoption of blockchain technology. This role has some overlap with the social media expert-related profiles. But a Cryptocurrency Evangelist is a B2B marketing role that works in tandem with the developers of blockchain applications to encourage them to build more applications. You’ll need an in-depth understanding of the blockchain mechanism and be able to explain it in simple terms to drive wider adoption.

Designing use cases to explain the benefits of using blockchain technology for app development is an example of what the role entails. Developer Evangelist, Developer Relations Evangelist, Web3 Developer Evangelist, etc., are some job titles you can look up for more details.

Sites for mining Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are the new craze in crypto. NFTs cover a wide variety of arts, entertainment, and other media projects. If marketed the right way, you can convert almost anything of value into an NFT. This opens up the possibility for plenty of non-technical and non-financial job profiles in the NFT sector. NFT related job profiles are especially suited to people in the creative arts and entertainment industry.

You can work as a Graphics Designer, NFT Artist, NFT Research Analyst, etc. Researching and recommending art pieces to turn them into NFTs is one of the most coveted job profiles in this field. Read up on the job roles and responsibilities for similar profiles to understand how and where you can fit in with your expertise in the arts.

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