15 Tips How Not Mess Up Your Zoom Job Interview

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The last few years have been a game-changer for both recruitment professionals and job seekers. A decade ago, interviews had to be conducted in an office however, due to Covid these days interviews are conducted from the safety of your home.

Top companies around the world especially those in the crypto and bitcoin niche are now using video job interview platforms such as Zoom and for good reasons! Zoom job interviews are convenient, the recruiter can see and speak to the candidate and these interviews can either be live or recorded.

While Zoom job interviews are ideal from a hiring point of view, these interviews can be easily messed up by candidates. Don’t fret just as yet, listed below are the top 15 ways how to not mess up zoom interviews and how to get hired in the company of your choosing.

15 Ways How To Not mess Up Zoom Job Interviews 

1. Zoom Calls are a way of video conferencing from different locations around the globe. These calls help recruiters see the candidate, the expressions, the body language, the attire, the demeanour and a lot more. Similarly, zoom calls help the candidate pass on the message to employers that they are serious about the job, the work culture, the company’s goals and visions.

2. One of the easiest ways not to mess up a Zoom job interview is to ensure that you are dressed for the role you are being hired for. Remember to be dressed as you would be in a real interview, from head to toe in professional attire. No exceptions! As far as possible avoid wearing floral patterns, loud designs and any other outfits that might make you seem too casual for the job you are interviewing for.

3. If the interview is scripted by the recruiter, then chances are that there may be no wiggle room for speaking more than asked. However, as far as possible try and smile once in a way and seem confident with your body language. In case you are given a bit of wiggle room while speaking, emphasize your strong points and if you are hired, how you can be a team player and add value to the job as well as to the company.

4. One of the most practical ways to excel at a Zoom job interview is to stay on point while speaking, stick to a topic for a maximum of 45 to 60 seconds, take pauses and speak only on the subject matter. Additionally remember to make eye contact with the recruiter instead of looking up, down or in any other direction as this might make you seem nervous.

Employees having a business call using Zoom video calling

5. Distractions and background noise are major hindrances to getting hired. If you are using a speaker with a microphone then ensure that you are in a room that is quiet and brightly lit. If you do have pets or other people in the vicinity, then try to find a quiet corner for the call. Typically zoom job interviews are 15-to-30-minute calls. When in doubt wear a noise cancellation headset and use artificial lights if the room is not naturally brightly lit.

6. The best way not to ensure that the recruiter takes you seriously during zoom job interviews is to do adequate research not only about the job profile but also the company, its values, mottos and goals. Remember to speak on the topic, stick to the point and elaborate only when asked to. Being clear and concise can work in your favor.

7. Phones, other smart gadgets and televisions, must be muted while you are on a zoom interview. Silencing these gadgets without the vibration mode switched on is a good way to go.

8. You will need a steady WIFI or internet connection that will ensure a smooth video call experience. Ensure that your internet bandwidth is not too low, or else the screen will get stuck, your voice may get distorted and the call might drop in between as well.

9. The background for the call is as important as the foreground. Always remember to have a plain wall or plain background with no clutter and good lighting. If your desk is faced to the back of a window and if the call is going to be conducted during the day, then switch your desk around. In case the background cannot be altered and is not ideal for a zoom job interview, then choose a background on zoom. This can be done virtually but make sure that you master learning the feature before the actual zoom job interview. Keep in mind that with virtual backgrounds, you need to wear clothes that are darker than the virtual background, and choose a subtle colour as far as possible.

10. The most important way not to mess up a Zoom job interview is to make sure that you are not monotonous. Ensure that the interview is a two-way conversation and try to engage with gusto, whenever asked if you have any questions, ensure to stay on point, and seem interested in knowing more about the company. Finally, remember that there is a fine line between confidence and throwing shade or attitude. Do not try and show the interviewer that you know more than them, instead always have an attitude that shows that you are always willing to learn.

11. Zoom calls require both audio and video input. Make sure that your video and audio devices are connected before being interviewed, and if in doubt attempt to make a test call to someone you know. Although most laptops come with inbuilt microphones and webcams, investing in a high-definition webcam and a noise cancellation microphone can be useful. This is especially valuable in the current Work From Home culture. Irrespective of your choice of internal or external webcams, ensure to clean the gadget of dust and smudges before your video call.

12. Mastering the art of screenshot sharing can be useful not only during the interview but also when you get the job. Similarly, understanding other add on features such as using the whiteboard can be of great value to you. Both these features can be of immense value later on as well when you Work From Home or even change jobs.

13. Body language and eye contact can make an immense impact on the mindset of the interviewer. The biggest mistake a job seeker can do is to portray an open and relaxed body language while avoiding eye contact. The best way to show the recruiter that you are serious is to sit straight, do not slouch, slump, or sit with a hump. Additionally, do not lean forward a lot, while speaking use minimum fillers and stay on point always. Remember to always sit straight with the computer screen and keyboard at a level where speaking, video calling and typing are possible tasks.

14. Zoom calls are inbuilt with a mute feature wherein if you mute your microphone then the recruiter won’t be able to hear anything that is on your side of the screen. Remember to use the mute button only in emergencies such as if there are background noises, if you are sneezing, have a tickle in your throat or similar situations. As far as possible, inform your household members that you will be on a zoom call and request their cooperation in keeping noises to a minimum.

15. The smartest way how to not mess up zoom interviews is to update your computer, update windows, and update software before the interview. In addition, silence all notifications on your desktop and keep your screen clear of clutter. Make it a point to also silence alarms, calendars and other schedule notifications. Keep only as many browser windows open as needed for the interview. Additionally, always charge your laptop before the zoom call and keep all gadgets connected and ready to go.

Additional Pointers How to Not Mess Up Zoom Job Interviews

Zoom job interview calls can be aced easily with some practice and confidence. Even if this is a new experience for you, staying calm during the interview and focusing on your skills can do the trick. Since practice makes a man or woman perfect, do remember to practice possible scenarios, questions, answers and even situations that may happen during the zoom job interview.

If in doubt, then make a list of pointers to remember, a cheat sheet to refer to during the interview and refer to this sheet whenever needed. This cheat sheet should preferably not be visible to the recruiter yet should be placed close by so that you can refer to it without seeming too obvious. Lastly, remember to smile and maintain eye contact whenever the occasion calls for it.

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